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To meet the unique needs of architects, interior designers and consumers, Seves glassblock has organized its diverse product range into three principle lines: Design, Technology and Basic—with the addition in 2009 of its patented ENERGY SAVING glass block technology for sustainable architecture.


Creativity and Style

Performance and Reliability

Tradition and Decorum


The Design line is comprised of innovative and stylish glass blocks, ideal for interiors that aim to utilize light, form and colour.
With a unique selection of glass designs, finishings, colors and special pieces, the Design Line offers infinite possibilities to create bright and brilliant interiors, full of feeling and emotion.

The Technology line is made up of high performance glass blocks with technical characteristics--for use in commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities and horizontal structures where both support and safety are required, in addition to light.

The Basic line consists of classic glass blocks enhanced with clear and wavy glass designs to accentuate the passage of light. Perfect for interior and exterior applications, Basic glass blocks come in various colors and special pieces to match any design.


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