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Adding style and elegance to your home has never been easier thanks to Seves's patented installation systems. Now you can brighten any room over the weekend or on your own time, transforming it into a sunny palace or comfortable and cosy haven without the hassle and expense of a professional contractor.

Choose one of the simple do-it-yourself kits below to help you build your glass block structure, or download information and instructions on how to install glass blocks with traditional cement mortar.

A fast and easy system for dry, glue or reinforced installation methods complete with special assembly pieces and joint holders to quickly mount and secure glass blocks. Posavetro is suitable for Pegasus, Pegasus Metallizzato and the Mendini Collection.
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Pegasus Posavelox.gif
A simple installation kit that facilitates the positioning of Pegasus glass blocks using wooden frames and silicone glue.
Pegasus Posavelox is suitable for Pegasus glass blocks.
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Traditional Methods
A complete guide to cement mortar installation with step-by-step instructions and helpful tips.
Suitable for all Design line glass blocks.
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