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Your home is a unique expression of you, where inspiration, beauty and function live harmoniously together.
Glass blocks can provide you with a million different ways to express yourself through home design, and explore your creativity using light, space, transparency and colour.

Whether your style is traditional, modern, minimal or avant-garde, glass blocks can be used in any setting as artistic accents, wall dividers or decorative windows—adding elegance, privacy or simplicity to your favourite rooms.

Turn your kitchen into a sunlit cookery, your bathroom into a quiet sanctuary and your bedroom into a comfort refuge; with glass blocks you can create illusions of space by brightening a narrow room or dark corner and filling it with light and transparency.

Seves glassblock offers a vast range of glass block collections, with unique colours, glass designs, finishings, shapes and sizes, to help you achieve your desired ‘look’ and render it completely exclusive by the patterns, designs and light effects you choose.


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