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Numerous advancements in glass block production have turned the simple and functional glass block into a creative element of design, versatile enough for any interior style or décor.

In fact, the Seves glassblock Design Line has been developed in part, from various contributions of leading contemporary architects—like Renzo Piano, Rafael Moneo and Atelier Mendini, who share the desire to pioneer a new glass block inspired by creativity, style, functionality and innovation.

Such collaborations have led to the creation of the “winged” Pegasus glass block, a revolutionary development that has reduced the size of the gaps, or joints, between the blocks from 10 mm to 2 mm—without altering the mechanical characteristics of the structure.

The “wings” are actually extended 6 mm borders around the glass block designed to hide the structural elements between each block, and create an “invisible joint” of only 2 mm. The result is a beautiful, fluid glass surface that transmits even more light and transparency into your home thanks to its uninterrupted continuity.

Box 1

The wings hide the structural elements between the blocks, reducing the joint size to 2 mm.

  Box 2

A traditional 10 mm joint compared to a 2 mm joint made with ‘winged’ glass blocks.

  Box 3

A continuious glass block surface with invisible 2 mm joints, made with Pegasus glass blocks.

  In addition to this unique technology, now a standard feature on all glass blocks in the Design Line, Seves continues to enhance its selection of colours, finishings and glass designs to offer the most selection and inspiration—so you can find the perfect glass block for your interior design.  
  Consider the endless design possibilities of glass blocks:  


Colour is an important part of any interior design, as the right shade can add warmth to your living room, elegance to your dining room or comfort to your bathroom. Find the perfect colour for your home among the 16 vibrant and bold shades of the Mendini Collection or the softer pastels of the Pegasus and Pegasus Metallizzato.



Choose the atmosphere you want: bright, brilliant, soft or intimate.
There is a different glass block finishing for every kind of ambient: a transparent finishing for clarity and light; a metalized finishing for radiant light reflections and increased intensity; a satin finishing on one side for a soft, cosy light; and a satin finishing on both sides for a deep and subtle glow—ideal for extreme privacy.

Glass Design

Glass Design

Create decorative effects, reflections and patterns with the passage of light.
A smooth glass design is perfect for classic and minimal interiors, transmitting direct, pure light throughout your home. The wavy glass design instead is ideal for elegant and refined ambients, generating a fluid pattern on the surface of the structure, while creating unique reflections that change day and night.

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